Buckaroo Country photography by Mary Williams Hyde

Buckaroo Country photos by Mary Williams Hyde. I have traveled since 1990 through eastern Oregon, northern Nevada, northern California ( and 2012 -2015 to Montana) photographing people who still live the old Great Basin buckaroo traditions. I have probably a million photos so far of which there are about 300,000 here for you to enjoy. This is how you find my home site: http://www.buckaroocountry.com

Be sure and go clear to the top of the page and try the style options...they're really neat....and check out the different view size options.

I haven't been uploading event photos most of this year as I am uploading photos with specials effects exclusively to Facebook. However, because the process is so slow, and I am so behind, in 2013 I forsee uploading them here again so please stay tuned...and thanks for your patience!

I am humbled to see the difference a good camera and EXPERIENCE makes. Missed a lot of good shots in the early days that I would capture now....sharp and clear. I've had a Nikon D700 for the last two two years, a Nikon D300 for 2-3 years before that, a D200, a little Nikon digital in 2005, and a negative camera from 1990 to 2004. Wish I could afford a Nikon D3! Now my goal is to get better at low-light action shooting...just bought a Nikon 35-70 2.8 lens for closeup action and the upper level 70-200 2.8 Nikon lens that is so good in dark places. That being said, I am going to hold my settings for indoor photography close to the vest....too much work went into figuring out what they should be so please don't ask.

Photo sales help support my travels. I appreciate everyone who has purchased photos through the years!!!!!!

I own the copyright for these photos. If you purchase one photo that does not give you the right to scan or photograph it to use it on Facebook or your phone or in any other way. ...you need to also purchase a digital download.

I do not work with artists as it is too difficult to determine a fair usage fee for artists from beginner to nationally known professionals so please don't ask.

Screensaving and right clicking is stealing. Copying, downloading or using the photos in any manner without permission is a copyright violation and breaks the law. If you didn't know the law and you have illegal copies of my photos that you've printed out, used in computer slide shows or as screensavers, or put on your cell phone, please delete them or tear them up right away and buy legal copies. I thank those of you who ARE respecting my copyright!

Please feel to add names to the photos using the comments option. Contact me at 541 883-7456, mary@maryhyde.com or mary@buckaroocountry.com. Look me up on Facebook where I post photos almost every day. http://www.facebook.com/buckaroocountry

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